SALDF’s Animal Week, Sugar and Champagne Event, T-Shirts and More!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Spring Body Meeting!

It was great to see all our returning members and our new members, too! 

For everyone that enjoyed watching Blackfish, here are some interesting articles that show different perspectives on the film and the ongoing debate between SeaWorld and the Ocean Preservation Society (the film’s creators).

Sea Worlds Reaction to ‘Blackfish’:

The Truth About Blackfish

News about the debate:
No surprise: Sea World Quickly Wimps out of public debate challenge

“Blackfish’ Creators challenge sea world to a debate

Need some cuddling and loving on Valentines Day?

Come play with some adoptable dogs and enjoy some sweet treats with our bake sale.

On Friday February 14th, come to Kogan Plaza and play with some adorable dogs! Brighten up your Valentines Day with puppy licks and cuddles. Bring anyone and everyone you know and arrive early– This event’s going to be huge! Come support local shelters and maybe even take one of these adorable dogs home. The event will run from 4-6. Make sure to come out and have fun with some doggies!

GW’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Animal Week

This week is the GW Student Animal Legal Defense Fund‘s annual Animal Week! We have plenty of exciting events and hope you can join us at the law school for some of them!Monday, Jan. 27, 1:30-2:30pm (Stuart 403): Odette Wilkens of the Equal Justice Alliance will be speaking about eco-terrorism and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Snacks will be served.Tuesday, Jan. 28, 7:00pm-8:45pm (FCC, 5th floor of Burns): SALDF will be screening the hit CNN documentary “Blackfish” about the killer whales kept at Sea World parks. Pizza and soda will be served for attendees!

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 11:00am-noon (Stuart 302): SALDF will be hosting Allie Phillips of the National District Attorneys Association to speak on the importance of prosecuting animal cruelty, its impact on humans, and her work founding the Sheltering Animals & Families Together Program for victims of domestic violence. Snacks will be provided!

Thursday, Jan. 30 9:00-10:15am (Hard Lounge Info. Desk): Stop by the Information Desk for FREE breakfast and coffee!

2014 S&C Logo white background

Sugar &
Champagne Volunteer Event

Next week we will be partnering with the Washington Humane Society at their annual Sugar and Champagne event. The event is on February 5th, 2014 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (1300 Pennsylvania Ave) just a short walk from campus! The event is honors local crusaders against animal cruelty: WHS’s Humane Law Enforcement Officers, Animal Care & Control Officers, and Humane Educatos. The times volunteers are needed are 2:30 PM and 5:15 PM. Again, please respond by 8PM AT THE LATEST to confirm your participation.Thanks!

T-Shirt Pre-orders!

As we said in the last general body meeting, we are in the process of ordering t-shirts! In the next week or two we will be sending out a pre-order form, where you can put your payment information in a secure form that is regulated by the university. The T-shirts will be v-necked with GW Animal Advocates logos on the front and back and will be priced around 15 Dollars per shirt.

Weekly Board Meetings: We want to hear from you!

Every week, the Animal Advocates Executive Board meets to discuss events and ideas for our group. While we will continue to meet as a board separately, we know that many members of Animals Advocates who are not in Executive Board would like to have their voices heard and have more of an active role in the organization. Therefore, after our board meetings every week we will be opening up a time slot where everyone can come talk to the board about their ideas. This will take place every Wednesday at 8pm on the fourth floor of the Marvin Center, by the couches. We look forward to seeing you there!


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