Welcome to GW Animal Advocates!

Welcome! Here, our purpose is to spread awareness across the GW campus about animal welfare and animal protection efforts. This may include, but is not limited to, promoting ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles, and helping students to understand the importance of these dietary choices. Also, to spread awareness on other animal cruelty issues such as puppy mills, cruel hunting practices, animal fighting for sport, the fur trade, and animal poaching. We hope to provide voluntary assistance to local animal shelters and/or rescue groups if possible, and to reach out to members’ legislators for support on pro-animal legislation.

Lastly, we want this group to protect animals as well as celebrate them. This group will be a safe, welcoming space for students to speak up about animal issues. We will strive to be all-inclusive and promote a positive message because animal welfare is a concern for everyone. Image


4 thoughts on “Welcome to GW Animal Advocates!

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  2. Way to go! I hope you and your group do amazing things!! The animals have no voice and we need to speak out for them!

  3. I just saw your event solicitation on the GW Board for Valentines Day “Puppy Love.” (I work at Gelman, so it’s likely you’ll see me three or four times…)

    Does your group have a listserv so I can keep up with activities open to students?

    Glad you guys exist. Here’s on animal lover to another.


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